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Consumer Control targets deceptive marketing, advertising and branding schemes that lure and entice consumers to make unreasonable purchases based on emotions. 

Money Motivates?

Marketing has evolved (Allbusiness, 2002) from putting demographics and ethnicity aside, consumers purchase by "convenience, gratification, wellness and safety" a very simple approach to marketing to.

(NPD, 2007) a more specific approach, specializes in wireless market research and focused on the "consumers purchasing behavior and mindset" they say, "it's not just price" but the products' "capability" and  the consumers' "gender and age" top factors that motivate consumers to purchase a cellphone, such as cell phone flip open feature.

(WARC, 2010) says, consumers mindsets have changed and demand more "value" "sensitivity to price" "expectations about service" "product quality" and a need for "enhanced convenience" to.

The big dogs, who appear to have thier own twist on what motivates consumers to buy. Today, marketing has become more of a science, that even utilizes neuroscience, a highly advanced technology used to unravel subconsious and emotional buying habits http://neuromarketingresearch.com/

The big dogs want to know the consumers' mindset and purchasing behavior. Consumers need to understand the marketing schemes that have entrapped and put them into dept in the past and learn how not to make purchases based on emotions.

Retailers are creatively moving to online sales such as Penny's targeting consumers on Facebook. Big money making corporations, brand owners, advertisers and marketers want to get consumers to purchase their goods or services by supporting the best scientific, social and behavioral minds on the planet.

The question is, what can consumers do about it? Read more ...

Change to Purchasing Power

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The surprising truth about what motivates us

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